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Mystik River

Buddha Head - Tiger's Eye (15cm )

Buddha Head - Tiger's Eye (15cm )

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Buddha head statues stand as timeless symbols of serenity, wisdom, and enlightenment, infusing any space with a profound sense of tranquility and spiritual presence. These iconic representations of the Buddha's head, often depicted with closed eyes and a serene expression, serve as reminders of mindfulness and inner peace.

The significance of Buddha head statues lies in their ability to evoke a sense of calm and introspection, inviting viewers to pause and reflect amidst the chaos of everyday life. Placing a Buddha head statue in a space can create a focal point for meditation and contemplation, encouraging individuals to connect with their inner selves and cultivate a deeper sense of awareness.

About Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye gemstone emanates a powerful energy known for its ability to imbue its wearer with courage, strength, and protection. This captivating stone, with its mesmerizing golden-brown hues and distinctive chatoyancy, resonates with the solar plexus chakra, fostering a sense of self-confidence and empowerment. Like the fearless tiger it is named after, Tiger's Eye encourages individuals to face challenges with resilience and determination, while also serving as a spiritual shield against negative energies. Grounding and stabilizing, this stone anchors individuals to the present moment, promoting a deeper connection with the natural world and fostering inner harmony and balance.

About the Artist - Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar, the visionary sculptor behind some of Mystik River's most captivating pieces, draws inspiration from the divine realms of Indian and Tibetan Gods and Goddesses. Continuing a legacy initiated by his father, Mr. Hanuman, and grandfather, both distinguished artists in their era, Ram seamlessly carries forward the family tradition. Specializing in semi-precious stones and high-grade crystals, his artistic focus centers on Tibetan Buddha figures and revered Indian deities like Ganesh, Shiva, Buddha, Lakshmi, and Tibetan Tara.

Ram Kumar's sculptures exude a harmonious blend of grace and elegance, a testament to his masterful fusion of artistry with exceptional semi-precious gemstones like Labradorite, Tiger’s eye, Rose quartz, and Clear Quartz. His unparalleled ability to refine the inherent beauty of crystals and gemstones in his sculptures creates an immersive experience unmatched in artistic expression.



Artist - Ram Kumar

Origin - Rajastan, India

Medium - Tiger's Eye

Year - 2017

Size - 15cm x 9cm x 9cm

Weight - 1.5 kg


Note: With all hand made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, but that adds to the uniqueness of the pieces that we offer here at Mystik River.

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