Buddha (Original by Nima Jamishi)


An original piece by street artist Nima Jamishi, in collaboration with public of Melbourne. The artist was inspired to draw contemporary image of historical Buddha, and discover what this image evokes within audience by inviting the viewers to write their message on top of his artwork.

The response generated a lot of energy from public, mixing different cultures including Middle Eastern, Asian and European writings. People left  incredibly encouraging messages of love, peace and compassion all over the canvas.

An example of what is written over the painting is the hebrew word "shalom" , commonly used as a greeting, but also meaning peace. Despite, living in modern time, this piece reflects on our collective consciousness and more than ever it's need for more for kindness and compassion in the world. Nima's unique approach truly gives this art work life, meaning and inspiring energy. 

About Artist - Nima Jamishi

Nima is an emerging street artist of Melbourne. Moving from traditional portrait works, Nima is now playing a key role in shaping Melbourne’s street art scene. His approach is absolutely unique. He overcomes the gap between art and audience, by inviting people to write on his canvas and participate in the creation process together. Creating an interactive experience with his fans, his paintings connect with people and become a reflection of Melbourne’s life, it’s people and society.

ARTIST -  Nima Jamishi

ORIGIN - Melbourne, Australia

MEDIUM  - Acryl on Canvas

YEAR - 2020

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