Elephant Family Trio

White Marble (Small Statue)


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Delicate representation of three elephants that form a family, intricately carved by artist from white marble. Elephants have a special, symbolic meaning in South East Asia and are considered a sacred elephant in Indian Culture.

Each elephant in this collection is just a little bit different not only in size but due to it being handmade there are obviously tiny little details which makes each piece unique. The elephant in Hindu culture has spiritual significance and other than being a very sacred animal in India the elephant is seen as a representation of spiritual strength and knowledge. The elephant trio would make a tasteful gift for a loved one, and can be a great decorative piece for any home interior.

Note: All sculptures being made from natural stone found in mother earth, there might be naturally occurred erosion such as cracks, spots, or marks.  We believe that adds to the one of kind pieces that we sell here at Mystik River.

About Artist - Akash Singh

A young post-graduate Fine Artist, Akash specialises in sculpture using semi-precious stones and sandstone. He’s the latest artist to join the team at Gallery Mystica and as an innovative and contemporary artist, his work often conveys a hidden message. Of particular note are two recent works in sandstone, Tree of Life and Mother & Child imbued as they are with a profound spiritual meaning.

He specialises on crafting Traditional Indian Gods as well as more contemporary subjects

Medium - White Marble

Artist - Akash Singh 

Origin - Delhi, India

Year - 2020

Shipping Weight - 2.0 (kg)

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