Intro to Sacred Geometry Drawing - Thursday 28th December

Intro to Sacred Geometry Drawing - Thursday 28th December

Join us on a journey as you dive deep into the spiritual depths and technical intricacies of sacred geometry drawing, guided by professional artist and author, Stephanie June Ellis.


This 3 hour class is a practical and theory-based Introduction to Geometry and Sacred Art around the world exploring our relationship with nature, the cosmos, human creativity and potential.

Together we will draw upon Archetypal Forms. The Circle, Spiral, Triangle and Square channelling their mystical qualities and profound nature.

Geometry occurs in the art and crafts of cultures throughout human history, directly inspired by the rhythms and structures of life itself. Its principles are beyond time and place.

In this workshop participants will investigate principles of symmetry and tessellation. These universal principles govern growth and structure and are found in both crystalline and botanical nature.

We will discuss geometry in symbology and the planetary movements, the platonic solids theorised upon by Plato, Leonardo Divinci and Joseph Kepler and examine the key family of natural proportions.

No skills are required
Open to entry level and advanced geometers
All materials are provided
$85 pp
Limited to 8 people

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Stephanie June Ellis is an International Artist, Mentor, Author and a leading specialist in The Art Of Sacred Geometry. Through her workshops and retreats she engages with worldwide communities offering wellness through the creative process with a focus on Cultural Heritage, Conservation and Wellness through patterns.

Primarily working with ink on paper, her creative practice and offerings centre around crystalline and botanical patterns which aim to transcend viewers beyond the physical world and encourage a wider vision of awareness.

Stephanie truly believes that geometry contains the power to unify the four dimensions of the mind; ~ Body, emotion, soul and spirit. She has dedicated her life to exploring primordial patterns and symbols ( the circle, the square, the triangle ) which operate in the psyche of everyday individuals. By exploring these principles, her journey continues, soaking up the very essence of ~ The Art Of Process.

A nomad at heart, Stephanie has lived in various parts of Australia, Bali, Singapore and London. She has and continues to travel extensively, working closely with Artisans, Marine Biologists, Ecologists and NGOS focusing on wellbeing and education. She has worked with a long list of publishers, schools, universities, community organisations and retreat centres across the globe including Bali Mountain Retreat Centre, Flores Del Camino Spain, The Brisbane Institute Of Art, Latrobe University, Barossa Regional Gallery, The Ismaili Centre Toronto, Dumbo Feather Magazine, Art Of Islamic Pattern and Uk based charities The Common Ground Collective & The Creative Dimension.



What - Intro to Sacred Geometry Drawing Workshop

When - Thursday 28th December

Time - 6pm - 9pm

Venue: Mystik River Gallery, Mid Level (Opposite Damon Bradley),
 Southgate Shopping Centre, 3 Southgate Avenue. Southbank 3006.

Limited Seats available 


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To find out more about Stephanie, visit her website or social media pages!


Instagram: @theartofprocess

FB: StephanieJuneEllis

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