Collection: Buddhist Statues

“Just looking at the statue of a Buddha you will feel some serenity within you – you just sit silently, look at the statue, and you will start falling into silence”

- Osho

Welcome to Mystik River's Buddhist Statue Collection, where spiritual elegance and artistic mastery converge to bring you a curated selection of timeless sculptures. Our collection showcases a profound reverence for Buddhist traditions, featuring exquisite statues that capture the essence of enlightenment and serenity. Our statues depict Buddha in various symbolic compositions, captured in iconic asanas (yoga postures) and Buddhist mudras (hand gestures). Each sculpture becomes a living testament to Buddha's profound journey, life, and teachings, weaving a visual tapestry that resonates with spiritual depth.

Mystik River takes pride in presenting a range of Buddha sculptures, Bodhisattvas, and other divine figures, meticulously carved from a variety of materials such as white marble, sandstone, and precious gemstones. Our artists, adhering to traditional carving methods, preserve the ancient art of Indian sculpting, ensuring authenticity and reverence in every piece. Crafted with the utmost care, each sculpture is an original, a unique creation resonating with spiritual significance.

Beyond the traditional, our collection embraces a contemporary interpretation of Buddhist art, offering pieces that seamlessly blend ancient wisdom with modern aesthetics. Whether you seek a classical depiction or a more contemporary expression, our Buddhist Statue Collection caters to diverse tastes and spiritual preferences. 

Immerse yourself in the divine journey through these handcrafted masterpieces, where each sculpture is a portal to the essence of Buddha's teachings.