Collection: Buddha Heads

Buddha heads, with their serene countenances and timeless significance, stand as eloquent embodiments of enlightenment and spiritual depth. Rooted in rich cultural history, these sculptures symbolise the wisdom and compassion embodied by the Enlightened One, transcending time and culture.

At Mystik River, our artisans sculpt Buddha heads with unparalleled skill, using natural semi-precious stones such as tiger eye, labradorite, rose quartz, and other gemstones. Each inspiring piece is meticulously crafted by hand, celebrating the profound contribution of the Buddha through his wise gaze captured in every sculpture.

The choice of materials further enriches the experience of these sculptures within a space. Whether crafted from marble, black granite, or semi-precious gemstones, each Buddha head imparts a unique tactile and visual sensation. Our collection invites you to explore the subtle nuances, allowing you to choose a piece that not only resonates aesthetically but also harmonizes with the energy of your space. Explore the serenity and spiritual depth of Mystik River's Buddha head sculptures, where artistry and reverence converge in every piece.