Our Mission

Mystik River Gallery presents a curated collection of hand-carved Buddhist and Hindu sculpture that seamlessly blends age-old traditions with contemporary aesthetics.

Our mission goes beyond presenting artworks; it's about inspiring spiritual wisdom, love, and peace, with art as the intermediary between life's Mystery and the viewer. By bringing these creations into your homes, you become part of a journey to create a more enlightened world through the profound beauty of art and tradition.

Discover the transformative power of each creation, a testament to the dedication, care, and precision invested by artisans who weave the rich tapestry of India's artistic heritage.

"Art is the greatest treasure of mankind, far more valuable than gold or jewels" — Chitrasutra

We hold the conviction that the artists and their creations have joined us not by mere chance, but with a purpose—to enrich the lives of those around us. The name Mystik River encapsulates this belief: Mystik— the mystery of life, representing continuous learning on its cyclical path; River—the flow of energy that surrounds and unites all existence. Together, they embody the concept of life's flow, akin to the Tao in Indo-China.

Image: V. Sompura

About Us

Heritage Meets Modern

Hindu Statues

Welcome to Mystik River's Hindu Statue collection—a tribute to the rich tradition of Indian sculpting. Intricately hand-carved from sandstone by skilled artisans, these statues capture the spiritual essence and divine beauty of Hindu mythology.

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Artistry Beyond Stone

Buddhist Statues

Explore Mystik River's timeless sculptures depicting Buddha's profound journey, life, and teachings—each piece a unique portal to enlightenment and serenity. Our artists, adhering to traditional carving methods, preserve the ancient art of Indian sculpting, ensuring authenticity and reverence in every piece.

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Spiritual Depth Meets Modern Design

Abstract Sculptures

Embark on a contemporary odyssey with Mystik River's Abstract Sculpture Collection. Transcending conventional aesthetics, these masterpieces seamlessly blend modern design with timeless value, inviting you to uncover profound spiritual expressions with a modern twist.

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