Ganesha Abstract

Ganesha Abstract


Carved Lady - Sandstone
Buddha Head - Black Soft Granite
Buddha Head - White Marble
Buddha Head - Labradorite
Yoga Posture - Kapotasana
AUM Ganesha

AUM Ganesha


Sitting Buddha - Black Soft Granite

Mystik River is an art gallery, unlike others. We bring an exclusive collection of sculptures by recognized international artists to Melbourne. Each piece is original handmade work from semi-precious stones. Find the perfect art décor to complement your garden or interior design. Mystik River aims to promote new talent, cultural awareness and aesthetic.


Our sculptures are transported all the way from India and handmade by artists who follow traditional sculpting technique. Every piece is from semi-precious stones such as labradorite, tiger-eye, rose quartz and more. Absolutely unique in its kind. Something one can truly call - art.


We feature artwork by R.Mani, K.Ravi and V.Sompura. They recognized across India for preserving the ancient art of Indian sculpting. Inspired by world-famous temples such as Meenakshi, Khajurao, Konak, their work transmits the richness of Indian culture in all its richness and glory.