Collection: R. Mani

BORN: 1965

FROM: Mahabalipuram, South India

MATERIAL USED — Sandstone, Granite and Soft stone.

Hailing from Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, South India, R. Mani's artistic journey is deeply rooted in a familial legacy steeped in sculpture art. Raised amidst artistry, his father, Dhruva Pratap, a renowned sculptor, imparted his skills, maintaining and restoring sculptures at the iconic Konark Temple in South India.

Drawing inspiration from India's famed temples, including Meenakshi, Khajuraho, and Ellora Caves, R. Mani specializes in crafting traditional sculptures of Indian Gods and Goddesses, influenced by Gupta and Kushan styles. Employing traditional materials like Sandstone, Granite, and Marble, his creations resonate with the essence of ancient Indian craftsmanship.

Holder of two awards from the President of India, R. Mani is particularly celebrated for his Buddha sculptures, known for infusing them with a serene and blissful aura. Widely utilized for deep meditation in prominent meditation centers worldwide, his intricate Goddess figures share a similar reverence. With exhibitions in Germany and the USA, R. Mani's artistic contributions continue to captivate audiences, showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian sculpting traditions.