Buddha Statues

    A Buddha art sculpture or Buddha statues for the home and garden calms the observer and allows for a state of peace that we all strive for. Mystik River’s small stone Buddha statue, for example, conveys the ideals of the ‘Enlightened One’ - whether it is carved from black soft granite, sandstone, brass or white marble. W

    Buddha statues handmade from semi-precious materials by international artists

    Buddha Statues are made from semi-precious materials by international artists. It is believed that Standing Buddha statue granite & Standing Buddha statue sandstone symbolize protection from fear, delusion and anger. We stock small to large-sized Buddha statue for your home and garden needs. The raised hand in standing Buddha statue represents a shield to make you fearless. e stock a range of Buddha statues including contemplating Buddha statue, Samadhi Tree - Buddha, Sitting Buddha, Sleeping Buddha, Standing Buddha and Thinking Buddha. Should you select the Contemplating pose, serious reflection outlines every inch of the piece.  The composition of the Medicine pose Buddha sculpture means that the golden yellow material (the tiger eye) cures suffering to return balance via liberating one from fear and anxiety. The 19-inch black soft granite Sitting Buddha relaxes as he sits in the traditional lotus position. A yoga mudra posture in a three-foot-tall black soft granite statue guarantees serene meditation and suggests healing due to the folded hands resting on his lap.

    Stone Buddha Statues to suit your home  

    We stock handmade stone buddha statues to suit your home or garden. Buddha, the world-renowned teacher, philosopher and spiritual leader who achieved enlightenment while meditating under a fig tree in ancient India. . Our artist in Chennai, India has crafted a harmonious setting of Sitting Buddha in soft stone, complete with an intricated carved background. A 10-inch white marble Sitting pose seems to radiate, the stone softening even the harshest shadows. A Sleeping Buddha reclines on a comfortable surface as he prepares to enter parinirvana. For brass lovers, a painted 15-inch sculpture represents mindfulness, one of the four foundations of Buddhism. Mystik River is an art gallery in Brighton, Melbourne. Unlike others, we bring an exclusive collection of sculptures by recognized international artists to Melbourne. Each piece is original handmade work from semi-precious stones. Find the perfect zen décor to complement your garden or interior design. Mystik River aims to promote new talent, cultural awareness and aesthetic.