Collection: Karma Tshering

From: Paro, Bhutan

Karma Tshering, a contemporary artist hailing from the picturesque town of Paro in Bhutan, nestled within the Himalayas, has seamlessly woven the influences of his surroundings into his artistic journey.

From his early years, Tshering's artistic expression was shaped by the local flora, capturing the essence of flowers, trees, and mountains with paint and pencil. The rich iconography of Traditional Buddhist Arts further immersed him in a world of visual inspiration.

Tshering's artistic practice harmoniously merges these influences, striking a balance between traditional Buddhist motifs and abstract forms. His body of work serves as a catalyst for introspection, reflecting the emotional freedom, balance, and unity inherent in Buddhist teachings. Through compelling visual compositions, Tshering extends a message of peace to the world, etching it onto the canvas of his paintings.