Yoga Statues & Yoga Sculptures


    Yoga statues and yoga art sculptures represent the spiritual, mental and physical disciplines necessary for enlightenment. A statue encourages one to attain the good health that practising yoga delivers by inspiring your efforts to imitate the portrayed pose. For example, our sandstone Namaskar sculpture shows a pristine figure with palms pressed together and seated in a lotus position. The effect demonstrates the yoga custom of acknowledging the good in each person and showing it proper respect. The figure is starkly unadorned, yet the posture is unmistakably greeting the spirit of the viewer.

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    Next, our sandstone Thinking Lady sculpture shows more detail in her contemplative pose as she rests her head on her knee to consider her thoughts. The graceful curves in this piece echo feminine curves and the winding paths that thoughts take before they reach a conclusion. This three feet tall statue carved in contemporary style emphasises the vertical aspect of the piece. Finally, our Kapotasana yoga sandstone sculpture demonstrates in the abstract style, a minimal figure posing in an asana that helps to open up the chest and strengthen the back, hips and groin. The white sandstone piece is 15 inches tall and the asana shown makes an interesting, graceful shape all on its own.