Japanese Tea Ceremony- 29th January

Japanese Tea Ceremony- 29th January

About The Workshop

A chance to experience authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony, right at the heart of Melbourne. Quiet your mind and submerge your senses in this zen practise one sip at a time. An hour long session lead by certified Japanese tea instructor leader - Harumi Oshitani. You will be explained about the Japanese tea ceremony allowing you to appreciate every sip with knowledge. Followed by a ceremonial demonstration of how to correctly prepare tea the Japanese way, you will also have the opportunity to try whisking your tea while guided by the instructor. The ritual is a true appreciation of tea and a magical experience for all tea lovers.All guests will also be served Japanese sweets to accompany the tea ceremony. Let's celebrate Japanese culture and learn the art of Japanese tea together!
TIME - 11.00 am - 12.00 pm
LOCATION - Mystik River Gallery, Mid Level (Opposite Damon Bradley), Southgate Centre, 3 Southgate Avenue. Melbourne, Southbank. 3006


Harumi is a certified Japanese tea instructor leader, as well as Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador. Founder of Okei-san, she has been introducing authentic Japanese Tea to Australia and teaching traditional Japanese way of tea brewing. Over the years, Harumi's contribution to spreading Japanese tea culture and sustainble way of living in Australia is unparalleled.

To find out more follow Harumi online : @okeisan_japanese_tea_plus



BOOKING LINK: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/traditional-japanese-tea-ceremony-with-harumi-oshitani-tickets-476171340297


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