Ladakh: Race Against Time - Aman Chotani

Ladakh: Race Against Time - Aman Chotani

Mystik River Gallery is excited to announce 'Ladakh: Race Against Time' A Photography Exhibition By Aman Chotani.  24 Feb-24 Mar 2024


Aman Chotani, one of the most acclaimed Indian travel and lifestyle photographers, best known for his tremendous The Last Avatar Project, has released a series of works devoted to the northernmost region of India, Ladakh, exploring the culture of the region formed by the unique nature and rich history in the context of modern times and the continuity of traditions.

Maintaining the important work of bringing awareness and interest to the indigenous tribes of India, the photographer turns to the Ladakh culture in an effort to capture the elusive nature of local identity.

It is no coincidence that this is not the first time that Ladakh has attracted the attention of Aman Chotani. This place has a very special destiny, different from other territories of India. India’s ‘Little Tibet’ is located at the intersection of the Tibetan, Central Asian, and Indian spheres of influence, at the crossroads of different religious movements and cultural traditions, which has formed a unique, diverse society. It is estimated that more than 90% of Ladakh’s population is tribal. Brokpa, Drokpa, Dard, Shin, Balti, Beda, Changpa, and many other indigenous peoples of Ladakh classified as scheduled tribes in India trace their history back to ancient times, living in harmony with nature and practicing traditional sustainable land uses.

Today is a time of significant and rapid change for Ladakh. It has been facing the impacts of ongoing urbanization and global climate change. Previously isolated, it is now encountering a booming surge in tourism, population growth, changing family structures, co-occurring with water stress, soil erosion, and a shift away from agricultural practices. The explainable growth of materialism and individualism fostered by globalization brings changes to Ladakh's traditional values and cultural practices. Ladakh's future stands as the test of balancing between urban development and the preservation of indigenous cultures while recognising the need for sustainable, culturally sensitive approaches to protect Ladakh's unique identity and fragile ecosystems.

The project invites viewers to contemplate the coexistence of humanity and nature frozen in the frame. This is an opportunity to see, through the lens of Aman Chotani, the colourful and varied mosaic of life of the fascinating Ladakh and the inner beauty of people who have been living and thriving in harsh nature at an altitude of 3-5 thousand meters above sea level for centuries, like “flowers growing on rocks,” facing new challenges of time without losing faith. 


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