Crystals and Gemstones for New Beginnings

Crystals and Gemstones for New Beginnings

The start of a new year is a time for change, growth and new challenges for many of us. At Mystik River we have put together a little something to help you kick-start your year with an attitude of confidence, expansion and action. 

Without further ado: read on for a guide in choosing a crystal or gemstone to give you that energetic boost for a successful fresh start!

Citrine - Imagination


The first step of any change process is imagining how things could be different. Citrine enhances creative imagination and mental clarity, helping you crystallise your vision and identify what aspects of your life are calling out for refurbishing. This bright orange crystal brings a feeling of joy, warmth, and positive self-belief that is sure to brighten your mood and allow you to dream BIG! Working with the Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra, Citrine helps you bring your plan into action by enhancing the power of your will, and promoting decisiveness in difficult situations. Check out this stunning Citrine ring here

 Rainbow Moonstone - Optimism 


Cultivating gratitude and excitement about life, even amidst uncertainty and obstacles, can make all the difference on your journey. Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of optimism, exuberant joy, vitality and inner peace. This angelic stone instils you with a moment-to-moment appreciation and enthusiasm for life, helping you to see the beauty in the everyday, in the ups and the downs. It energises ALL chakras and keeps life-force energy moving freely through your body, stimulating the dissolution of any emotional blockages that may stand in the way of your goals. New beginnings can be scary - Rainbow Moonstone provides special support amidst times of transition, supporting your venture outside of your comfort zone. Check out this Rainbow Moonstone ring here.

Green Aventurine - Good Luck

The ultimate good luck stone, Green Aventurine is THE stone for achieving success. Its energy is that of vitality, growth and prosperity. This stabilising gemstone increases the flow of life force in your system, supports general healing, and ignites within you a passion for life. It is said to bring good fortune and blessing, ideal to be carried or worn on days when external circumstances have great influence on the outcome. The stone’s energy can help you manifest a prosperous outcome. Green Aventurine assists you to remain calm amidst potential chaos, and keep pursuing your mission with a healthy sense of humour. Find this gorgeous raw Green Aventurine pendant here.

Tiger’s Eye - Action


When it is time to take action, Tiger’s Eye becomes your new best friend. Stimulating the lower chakras, it inspires practicality and effective action whilst supporting you to remain calm and grounded. Tiger’s Eye sharpens the sword of your intellect and energises the body to accomplish the decrees of the will. The stone of courage and perseverance, it combats fatigue and helps you get back up after any setbacks or feelings of discouragement. This powerful stone can awaken the warrior in you. Check out this stunning Tiger's Eye Buddha sculpture here.

Green Fluorite - Cleansing


And finally, Green Fluorite (one of our faves) uplifts and cleanses the chakras of any outdated conditioning and emotional trauma, creating space for new ways of being in this world. It cleanses the surrounding environment of negative energy, and emanates the energy of growth, expansion, vibrant health and nourishment. Working with the Heart (4th) and Third Eye (6th) chakras, this radiant green crystal brings a spring freshness to your mind and emotional body - new beginnings are that much smoother with Green Fluorite at your side. Check out this beautiful statue of Lord Ganesh in Green Fluorite here.


To summarise, if you are looking for enhancing positive attitudes and creative imagination - choose Citrine or Rainbow Moonstone. For a boost in life force and action-orientation - Tiger’s Eye and Green Aventurine are your best friends. For cleansing of outdated thoughts and emotions - Rainbow Moonstone and Green Fluorite. Alternatively, for peace and grounding through uncertain transitions - choose Rainbow moonstone and Green Aventurine. 

Which stone do you feel would support you the most? 



And best of luck on your New Year’s resolutions,

Mystik River team <3

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