Moment with Ganesha

Moment with Ganesha

V.Sompura - Gujarat - “Ganesh Abstract” in Black Soft Granite

This is a personal favourite for its clean lines that indicate Sompura’s years of experience, and the simple design a reflection of life’s own simplicity that reminds:

“What you are is something incredibly magnificent. And not just humans, but every animal, every flower, every rock, because everything is the same. When you open your spiritual eyes, you see the simplicity of life. I am life, and you are life. There is no empty space in the universe because everything is full of life. But life is a force you cannot see. You only see the effects of life, the process of life in action”– Don Miguel Ruiz

The Black Soft Granite sculpture is a reminder of this realm of thought, this connection to life and to the true nature of existence and that which connects us all. As we live and sink deeper into life’s many folds, track footprints into its intertwining paths it can be easy for us to get entangled to a point where we may not recognise a deeper truth that penetrates all of existence. Life itself is simple in that way, that it is all encompassing, without duality. It is simple in that it does not discriminate, we all go through the same cycles, we all exist in a single reality that we perceive in billions of different ways, and so it is us, our own minds, our own actions that complicate the life process. We raise an umbrella to shield us from the rain, cover our faces to protect us from… what? The very same element that makes up most of the human body? The very same element which we consume daily for without it we could not continue to experience our own existence. We shy away from it because of a fear or discomfort that we have been raised to feel threatens our existence, but if we let down the barriers, and allow each droplet to mark our faces, to lace down our hands, perhaps for even a single moment, we might see, that the we are connected to this force eternally. 

Ganesh is highly recognised outside of India, and one of the most loved gods. He is known for bringing prosperity yet also providing obstacles in the path of those who require guidance. When I peer upon the image alone of this sculpture, a sense of calm washes over me, like a mothers hug. Like the affections of one who has my best interests alone at heart.

Like an offering, Ganesh offers itself to us, in more ways than we may be able to perceive. Offering good fortune, and a gentle hand. Offers us the opportunity to offer ourselves, to pass on what we have an share it with those around us. By simply sharing pieces of ourselves, willingly, kindly, and with the same love and care Ganesh perpetuates, the impact we can have on a single being may be beyond comprehension. Beyond our own experience. Look back on moments in your life, the ones that make you smile. What caused it?

I can recall a time, driving alone in my car and stopped at a traffic light, looking over at the car next to me and being greeted by the smiling face of a young child. Inexplicably, I returned the smile with great ease, not lost in the moment, but found. Something so simple, something many of us can offer with no harm to ourselves. For often it is moments like these, the small ones, the simple ones, that accumulate into our fondest moments, those that spark the greatest joy, and those that, more often than not, we disregard as part of the mundane. All this shows is that we are no longer living, but waiting, for the next moment and not seeing that this moment is the only one we have guaranteed. So look at it, be it, live it and love it.

Does this piece inspire any emotional feelings within you? Has one of our other pieces elicited such a response? Or is there something you see on occasion, daily, once in a lifetime that has caused this within you, we would love to hear it.

Bring Ganesh to your home and enrich your space, be reminded of your own inner stillness, of the threads on your path, of how simple life can be if we move towards it consciously.

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