Mystik River at Soul Star Festival 2019

Mystik River at Soul Star Festival 2019

- Celebrating Spirituality and Wellbeing Together -

First Impressions

Starting from 6 am, the Royal Exhibition Centre was already pulsating with joy ! The participants were filled enthusiasm. We felt so much passion in the air. All of us waiting for new opportunities. From healers working on channeling our inner energies, to group mediation session, crystal crafts, ethical clothing lines. Not to forget some amazing vegan food.

Our Experience

It was a pleasant surprise to see the amount of people interested in traditional Indian and Buddhist art here in Melbourne. We were inspired to share the story of Mystik River with new friends. The response was great. Physical presence, being out there is so important. While social media is a great platform, its not so evident to stand out among the social media noise today.

Soul Star Festival allowed us to meet our audience face to face, build a real contact. Something the social media does not allow. Our followers cannot touch or feel the sculptures on Instagram right?

When people can witness these masterpieces in real life, it’s a whole new sensation. One wooden Buddha from Myanmar for example, has this amazing wooden smell. No matter how beautiful a piece is, people need to feel these sculptures. Establish a contact.

It’s so interesting to observe people's reaction – which Buddha someone will feel connection with, what do they like about it, and why.

A man was passing by our booth, and then suddenly froze in front of the Labrodorite Buddha Head. He simply could not take away his eyes off it. He started to take photos, from different angles. Then he came to us and said ‘I must have this piece. I can feel it's meant for me’’.

Another couple fell in love with our Aventurine Elephant. They kept coming back and looking at it, until finally decided they had to buy it for their house. ‘We just finished renovating our apartment, and this Elephant will absolutely look stunning in our new living room’. A Buddha sculpture, it is a very individual experience, we can’t push people, they must come to this understanding themselves.

About Soulstar & their Founders

Briony Goldsmith is a Melbourne based nutritionalist, meditation teacher, founder and director of Soul Star Festival. Goldsmith initially devised Soul Star by combining her love for wellness and spirituality, something which has grown significantly as the festival has blossomed.“I want this festival to be for everyone; so many people are into exploring this stuff but they might go somewhere and it’s a bit icky – psychic fairs tend to have a lot of incense and crystal balls and there’s a real look to them,”she says.

Final Thoughts

It was a long day full of meetings and impressions.So much love and passion in the air. So many like minded people harmonising together in the same space. Without doubt, Soul Star 2019 gathered the most progressive minds in the world of spirituality and wellness. Special thank you to the organisers of the event, and to all our friends who came to support us that day.

Photo credit: Stass Gemlitski


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