Standing Buddha

Black Soft Granite (Medium, 75cm)


One of V. Sompura’s finest work - standing Buddha in the sacred Vitarka Mudra. This Vitarka Mudra personifies the transmission of the teachings by the Buddha to his sanyasas. This particular Mudra is performed by joining the tips of the thumb and index fingers together while keeping the other fingers straight. The circle which is formed by the thumb and index fingers symbolises the constant flow of energy and information. The Vitarka Mudra is often considered as the mystic gesture of the Bodhisattvas and Taras and is one of the most recognised Mudras in Buddhism. For this special piece, the artist is using is black soft granite, which is well known for its aesthetic quality and value.

This sculpture transmits teachings and signifies knowledge without fear. It prompts us be open to new experiences and teachings of life. It symbolises inner spiritual growth , as we walk the path.

The ideal placement within the home could be a comfortable place of study, work or contemplation. This piece is complementary to a quiet space in your garden and can sit alongside the plants in your home. This magnificent piece by Sompura helps to guide the path forward and supports you to connect with your inner wisdom.

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Artist - V.Sompura (Gujarat, India)

V. Sompura signature style lies in his ability to work with white marble. He is often inspired by images of Buddha but also works around more modern and abstract ideas for his sculptures.


Medium - Soft Granite

Origin - Gujarat, India

Dimensions - 75cm x 23cm x13cm

Net Weight - 35.9 (kg)

 PS: With all hand made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, but that adds to the one of kind pieces that we sell here at Mystik River

 *** Shipping notes

The shipping quote for this sculpture will be calculated and emailed to you sparely once the order is placed.The sculpture is above standard shipping dimension and requires a separate quotation for domestic / international deliveries. The sculpture requires a custom made pallet box for fragile cargo, resulting in additional packaging & manual handling time to our standard processing time. Once your order is placed one of our team members will revert with the shipping quote. 

Please contact us to receive a shipping quotation for this sculpture.


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