Sitting Buddha

Clear Quartz (Small, 18cm)


A truly heavenly piece, finely carved by artist Ram Kumar out of pure clear quartz crystal. The high transparency allows you to see the wonderful dimensions within the piece that portrays sitting Buddha. Buddha's right hand is in iconic Vitarka Mudra - gesture of discussion, and transmission of teachings or dharma. His left hand is in dhyana Mudra, gesture of meditation. Combining the power of clear quartz with an iconic image of the Buddha, enhances it's master healer power and aids perceive the world with clarity and balance.

This piece would bring immense value to your altar or sacred space, while channeling inner peace, and harmony into our homes as well as lives.

About Clear Quartz

Known as the master healer. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Drawing off negative energy, the crystal balances and cleanses mental, emotional and spiritual planes. It can also aid concentration and unlock memory. A wonderful crystal to meditate with as it actually retains information. Quartz is used even in computer chips for this reason. So who knows what hidden information you may be able to unlock within your quartz crystal. 

Artist - Ram Kumar

Origin - Rajasthan, India

Medium - Clear Quartz Crystal

Dimensions 18cm (height) x 13cm (length) x 6.5(width)

Weight - 1.3kg (1349g) 

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