Sitting Buddha

Black Soft Granite


This piece is impressive not simly because of it's siginifcnat size, but also because of artist's ability to create elegance and beauty. Handmade entirely from soft granite, V. Sompura technique refined the Buddha to perfection. Buddha is sitting in the lotus posture in Dhyana mudra or Meditation gesture. This is a notable mudra practised by yogis during meditation, where one palm of a hand is place on top of another, in the centre above the knees. The gesture eases mediation and helps concentration, it symbolises perfect balance of energies within ourselves.

This art piece is made to impress. Select a space where it can shine as a centre piece in your home, balcony or garden.


Artist - V.Sompura (Gujarat, India)

V. Sompura signature style lies in his ability to work with white marble. He is often inspired by images of Buddha but also works around more modern and abstract ideas for his sculptures.

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Size - 86cm x 61cm x 31cm

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