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A highly detailed small piece of art standing at 4.5 inches is a very famous depiction of the Maitreya Buddha who is very popular in China and Japan. Along with its happy persona and joyful depiction it became extremely popular in the west. The happy Buddha represents the happiness in the little things. The Bright colours of the dark Labradorite stone really shine through in this piece and reflects light with immense beauty, which is why sculptors love using Labradorite stone for their sculptures.

A rare piece by Ram Kumar, carved entirely from Labradorite gem depicting Budai - also referred to as Laughing Buddha. Artist skills and craftsmanship are unparalleled as he reveals the true beauty and power of this gemstone.

About Laughing Buddha - Maitreya Buddha

Laughing Buddha sculptures are known to bring happiness and good fortune when placed at homes. For those that own a business, having the buddha sculpture on the reception desk will bring prosperity and growth to the business. Accordingly to feng shui practise, placing the Happy Buddha opposite the front door is also lucky. This location allows buddha to interact with the energy entering your home.

It is often misconstrued in Western culture that this is a depiction of Gautam Buddha himself when it is really a depiction of the Maitreya Buddha. He was known for always being happy and laughing, which lead to his popularity across Asia.

The Laughing Buddha is especially popular in Buddhist countries, with his image spreading across China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, ad Thailand . Traveling across the countries you will often notice large Happy Buddha sculptures placed right at the temple entrances. Accordingly to their legends and tales - rubbing Buddha’s large belly will bring luck, happiness and wealth.


About Artist - Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar is the artist behind some of our most incredible masterpieces here at Mystik River. Ram Kumar’s sculptures are inspired by Indian and Tibetan Gods and Goddesses. Following on from his father Mr. Hanuman and grandfather, both accomplished artists in their time, Ram has continued the family tradition.

Working predominantly with semi-precious stones and high grade crystals , his work focuses on Tibetan Buddha figures and Indian gods as Ganesh, Shiva, Buddha, Laxmi and Tibetan Tara. His sculptures radiate grace and elegance as he mixes his art with some very high grade semi-precious gemstones such as Labradorite, Tiger’s eye, Rose quartz and Clear Quartz Crystal. His ability to refine the natural beauty of crystals and gems in his sculptures is unlike anything you will experience.

Medium - Labradorite

Origin - Rajasthan, India

Dimensions - 11.5cm (Height) x9cm (Length) x8cm (Width)

Net Weight - 0.7 (kg)

Shipping Weight - 6 (kg)

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