Ganesh Statue

White Marble (Small, 16.5cm)


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This small white marble carving of Lord Ganesh is crafted with a contemporary influence. The simplicity of shape is executed in short sharp lines by our Indian artist V. Sompura. This minimalist approach achieves a unique modern appearance. 

Ganesh sits on an elevated lotus with one leg tucked under him also known as the Lalitasana position or “royal ease”. Both arms are raised in symmetry each holding an axe to symbolise cutting off all bonds to attachment. His other two arms are lowered, resting on his knees. The left hand holding Ganesh’s favourite dessert; Modak. The other hand is raised in the abhaya mudra symbolising fearlessness and protection. Ganesh gently rests his trunk on his protruding belly. His trunk turned to the left to symbolise success in the world.


Lord Ganesh is a son of Lord Shiva and his wife, Goddess Parvati. Clearly distinguished by his elephant head, Ganesh is a symbol of perseverance, protection, well-being, health, and prosperity. In India, Lord Ganesh is followed by every religion as a welcoming gesture or an introductory deity to start a new chapter in life (job, new house, wedding, etc.). Symbolically, the rat, which is his vahan or vehicle, is a representation of chaos, while a bloated tummy depicts accepting all inhibitions and negativities. Truly, Lord Ganesh brings joys and unlimited bliss to our lives.


V. Sompura signature skill and technique lies is in his ability to work with white marble and soft granite. He is often inspired by images of Buddha, but also works around more modern and abstract ideas for his sculptures. His craftsmanship has gained recognition in India and his work has been used across various spiritual retreats. A wonderful example of his abstract marble sculpture is the AUM Ganesh.


Artist: V. Sompura

Origin: Gujarat, India

Medium: White Marble

Dimensions: 16.5cm(h) x 11cm(l) x 7.5cm(w)

Weight: 1.1kg (1082g)

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