• Sitting Buddha - Bhumiparsha Mudra


      This modern sculpture is a Buddha statue carved from teakwood by artist Tin Myo Oo. Shyakyamuni Buddha is portreyed sitting in meditation in his...

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    • Sitting Buddha - Dharmachakra Mudra


      Statue of sitting Buddha in meditation posture, with the iconic dharmachakra mudra. In Dharmachakra mudra symbolises continuous energy flow. It...

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    • Praying Monk


      This modern sculpture is a praying Buddha statue for home use. PS: With all hand made stone and wood sculptures,...

    • Sitting Buddha - Golden Marble


      This small Buddha statue depicts Buddha in a sitting position. Material : Golden Marble Dimensions: 17.5cm*15cm*6.6cm PS: With all hand...

    • Standing Monk


      Modern sculpture of the standing monk. Material - Rosewood Country - Myanmar Dimensions - 22cm*10cm*5cm Click here for more Buddha sculptures as...

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    • Monk's Head - King's Wood


      This contemporary sculpture makes use of King's wood to depict Monk's Head. PS: With all hand made stone and wood...