About us


Welcome to Mystik River Gallery, where the timeless traditions of Buddhist and Hindu sculpture come to life. Our collection features hand-carved masterpieces by contemporary artists, using techniques passed down through generations. Each piece embodies India's sculpting legacy, allowing you to bring a piece of this rich tradition into your home. 

Indian art, with its myriad expressions, stands as a testament to the cultural vibrancy of the nation. At the heart of India’s diverse artistic landscape lies sculpture, an art form that has evolved through the ages, mirroring the varied influences that have shaped the subcontinent. Manifesting itself through intricate carvings adorning sacred spaces, sculpture has played a pivotal role in spiritual devotion across India's many religions. 

Each sculpture preserves the spiritual, cultural, and historical narratives of its time. Today, we witness the country's rich cultural heritage through what remains of ancient art practices and contemporary artists who carry on the tradition.


What Inspired the Name Mystik River?

We hold the conviction that the artists and their creations have joined us not by mere chance, but with a purpose—to enrich the lives of those around us.

The name Mystik River encapsulates this belief: Mystik— the mystery of life, representing continuous learning on its cyclical path; River—the flow of energy that surrounds and unites all existence. Together, they embody the concept of life's flow, akin to the Tao in Indo-China.

It can be difficult to understand the events that take place, and why. However, as time goes on the mysteries of life reveal themselves to us, and the reason people and moments are sent to us become clear.

Beyond this it is also homage to our humble beginnings that sparked a beautiful friendship and the joint endeavour to spread spirituality and love to the world; this was the meeting between Roman and Rajesh at Gallery Mystika in Pune, India.

For more please read ‘Our Story’.

Our Mission

We believe in the transformative power of love, the ultimate force that heals both body and soul. Like a vital vitamin and mineral, love elevates humanity to its highest potential, igniting the creative spark within individuals and inspiring the manifestation of beauty. These creations are often harmonious and balanced, reflective of the harmony within.

Just as individuals can influence their inner and outer worlds, objects possess the ability to transmit their energy to the spaces they inhabit.

As a result, here at Mystik River Gallery, we have selected artworks infused with love and imbued with the spirit of enlightenment, prominently featuring depictions of the Buddha. The Buddha symbolises not only happiness and love but also serves as a conduit for positive energy, infusing your space, and thus, your mind, with order, harmony, and balance. 

Our mission goes beyond presenting artworks; it is about inspiring spiritual wisdom, love, and peace, with art as the intermediary between life's Mystery and the viewer. By bringing these creations into your homes, you become part of a journey to create a more enlightened world through the profound beauty of art and tradition.

Our Story

In the vibrant city of Pune, the cultural heart of Maharashtra, our journey began with a serendipitous encounter that ignited a profound transformation within our founder, Roman.

Every day, Roman traversed North Main Road in Koregaon Park, his Royal Enfield motorbike carrying him along its bustling streets. It was here, amidst the rhythm of daily life, that he chanced upon a mesmerizing sight—a magnificent white marble statue of Buddha gracing the entrance of 'Gallery Mystika.' Captivated by its presence, Roman felt compelled to halt his journey, drawn to explore this unexpected oasis of tranquility.

Standing in awe before the majestic statue, Roman found himself immersed in its timeless beauty, lost in contemplation. Suddenly, a voice interrupted his reverie, belonging to a man named Rajesh, the proprietor of Gallery Mystica. Their encounter was marked by a profound connection, an inexplicable familiarity that transcended mere coincidence.

As Roman and Rajesh forged a bond rooted in shared passion and purpose, Roman's path took a decisive turn. Inspired by the spirit of love and enlightenment embodied by Buddha, Roman embarked on a mission to spread joy and compassion throughout the world, guided by the wisdom imparted by his newfound mentor and the enduring presence of the Buddha statue.

In a twist of fate, Roman learned that the Buddha he acquired that day bore a remarkable resemblance to a statue revered by Osho, a spiritual teacher known for his profound teachings on love and liberation. Thus began a journey intertwined with the essence of this sacred symbol, as Roman and his Buddha companion ventured across continents, transcending barriers and embracing the boundless potential of love.

Building Mystik River Gallery

Upon relocating to Australia, Roman discovered a void in the availability of oriental art—between ancient antiques and mass-produced pieces lay a gap where true connection with the artists was absent. Recognizing the diminished impact of commercially produced artworks lacking genuine depth, Roman envisioned a new approach to art curation, one that transcended mere transactions to embrace profound spiritual connections.

At Mystik River, we strive to offer more than just art—we offer an experience steeped in spirituality and transformation. Our collection comprises contemporary, unique creations, each pulsating with its own story and energy. Far beyond being mere observers, we aim to connect individuals with the origins of the artwork that speaks to them, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indian artistic traditions.

Central to our ethos is the belief that art possesses the power to inspire change. We reject the notion of individual insignificance, instead championing the idea that every person holds the potential to make a difference. Through our dedication to promoting meaningful interactions with art and fostering connections with oneself and the world around us, we seek to empower individuals to transcend self-imposed limitations and embrace their inherent capacity for change.

Our journey led us to the profound symbolism of Buddha statues—an embodiment of serenity, wisdom, and love. We understand that the vitality of these statues lies not solely in their physical form, but in the energy and intention imbued by their creators. Thus, we carefully select artists who infuse their work with genuine love and reverence for life, allowing their creations to pulsate with vibrant energy and meaning.

Introducing a Buddha statue into your home is more than mere decoration—it is an invitation to embark on a transformative journey. For some, it may spark a newfound interest in yoga and meditation; for others, it serves as a beacon of cosmic energy, drawing love and positivity into their lives. Each statue serves as a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual awakening, unlocking the boundless potential that lies within.

As you welcome these spiritual tokens into your home, you invite the essence of creation and love into your life, forging a profound connection with the divine spark that resides within us all. At Mystik River, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the timeless wisdom and beauty of Indian artistry.

Our Artists

Discover the talents of contemporary artists hailing from various Indian states, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Several among them have garnered national awards, in recognition of their exceptional craftsmanship and contribution to the tradition of Indian sculpture. Their works, displayed in our gallery, capture the essence of our everyday existence and resonate with our vision of creating positive energy fields in homes and hearts.

By choosing our artworks, you support living artists dedicated to preserving the craft's integrity. In collaboration with our partners in Pune, we proudly serve as their Melbourne outlet. 

Our Collection – Unity Through Healing

At Mystik River, we understand that true healing begins within the depths of our minds, where our souls find their dwelling. Nurturing our souls is essential, and we believe in feeding our minds with the nourishment of prayer, meditation, soul-stirring music, and the encompassing beauty of our surroundings.

In our quest for spiritual nourishment, we recognise the profound impact of sacred symbols such as the Bible, statues of Buddha or Ganesh, intricate mandalas, powerful mantras, and expressions of faith manifested through creative artistry. These symbols serve as conduits of positive energy, infusing our homes with seeds of happiness and love. By surrounding ourselves with these embodiments of spirituality, we awaken to a realm of creativity, clarity of thought, and the boundless potential for self-realidsation.

We plan to expand our collection to display a variety of different cultures and their spiritual expression. This way, we may see and learn from different people who share this earth with us in creating harmony, balance and beauty. 

At Mystik River, we believe that the artists and the pieces they create are not mere chance encounters, but rather meaningful connections that enrich our lives with purpose and meaning. We invite you to explore our collection and allow the pieces that resonate with your soul to become cherished companions on your own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

We Are Fair Trade

Mystik River Gallery, in collaboration with Gallery Mystica in Pune, India, is committed to being a fair trade company.

We have witnessed firsthand how numerous companies operate through multiple intermediaries, each taking a share of the profits, thereby reducing the earnings of the creators. This practice has resulted in minimal payments to artists, forcing many to abandon their craft in pursuit of alternative livelihoods—a situation we find unacceptable and unjust.

In response, we have chosen to directly engage with artists, ensuring fair compensation that supports both their families and their artistic endeavors. For twenty-eight years, our commitment to this approach has yielded remarkable results. We are proud to represent a diverse array of talented artists from regions across India, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

Many of our artists have received prestigious national awards in recognition of their exceptional work, continuing to astound us with their skill and creativity. From exquisite sculptures to intricately crafted jewelry, as well as gem and crystal works, our artists consistently deliver exceptional pieces that captivate and inspire. At Mystik River Gallery, we believe in empowering artists and honoring their invaluable contributions to the world of art.