Mother & Child

White Marble (Medium, 38cm)


A timeless depiction of mother and child in abstract style carved from white marble by artist A. Sikander. In this piece, the elongated body of a mother, sweeping together in unison with her child. As they reach to the sky with grace they stay connected, bending into an eternal flame.

Delicately carved using white marble, the smooth forms of the body contrasting the sharp edged base demonstrate Sikander’s ability to transform marble into a dynamic level of style, both stark and fluid; this sculpture can adapt to any space. Made from extremely pure white marble with very few imperfections, the white marble sparkling in the light with it’s embedded quartz.

A beautiful piece to represent the bond between mother and child, a fluid, natural unbreakable connection. With its sweeping motion the piece gives off the notion of a mother protecting her child, while also allowing them to grow. Truly a special, one of a kind artworks. 


Born: 1988

Material used: White & Black Marble, Granite

Spercialty: Abstract Sculptures

Originally from a small village next to Udaipur, state of Rajasthan in India, he specialises in modern art using black and white marble. He makes very exquisite designs with some significant messages. He stands apart from the rest of artists, as his way of expression is through abstract form rather than the traditional Indic style. Some of his masterpieces include "Infinity Sphere" and "Mother & Child".


Artist - A.Sikander

Origin - Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Dimensions - 38cm(h) x 12.5cm(l) x 6.5cm(w)

Weight - 4.7kg (4746g)

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