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Mystik River

Abstract Om Ganesh - White Marble (57cm)

Abstract Om Ganesh - White Marble (57cm)

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"Abstract Om Ganesh" is a mesmerising white marble statue that intricately intertwines the sacred symbols of Om, Ganesha, and a cobra, representing Lord Shiva. This exquisite fusion encapsulates profound spiritual meanings, bridging various aspects of Hindu mythology and philosophy.

The Om symbol, seamlessly integrated into the sculpture, signifies the universal cosmic sound, symbolising creation, existence, and consciousness. It serves as a foundational element, connecting the viewer to the divine essence pervading the cosmos.

Ganesha, depicted with his characteristic elephant head, represents wisdom, intellect, and the removal of obstacles. As the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Ganesha embodies auspiciousness and protection, bestowing blessings upon those who seek his guidance.

The addition of the cobra, a symbol associated with Lord Shiva, further enriches the statue's symbolism. In Hindu mythology, the cobra symbolises fertility, power, and transformation. As Lord Shiva is often depicted with a cobra coiled around his neck, it represents his mastery over fear, ego, and mortality. The cobra's presence in this piece serves as a reminder of Shiva's divine attributes and his role as the destroyer of illusions, paving the way for spiritual awakening and liberation.

"Abstract Om Ganesh" invites contemplation on the interconnectedness of cosmic forces and the transformative power of divine grace. It serves as a profound symbol of wisdom, protection, and transcendence, guiding seekers on the path to inner serenity and enlightenment.


About the Artist - V. Sompura

V. Sompura, distinguished by his exceptional skill and technique, excels in the artistry of working with white marble and soft granite. His unique proficiency extends beyond conventional boundaries as he draws inspiration not only from traditional Buddha depictions but also explores contemporary and abstract concepts in his sculptures.

Widely acknowledged in India, V. Sompura's craftsmanship has garnered acclaim, leading to the display of his remarkable works in various spiritual retreat centers. Among his notable creations is the exquisite AUM Ganesh, a stunning representation of his prowess in abstract marble sculpture. Sompura's ability to seamlessly blend traditional and modern influences showcases his artistic versatility, making his work a compelling contribution to the realm of sculpture artistry.



Artist: V. Sompura

Origin: Gujarat, India

Year: 2017

Medium: White Marble

Dimensions: 57cm(h) x 48cm(l) x 17cm(w)

Weight: 29.9 kg


Shipping Notes

The shipping quote for this sculpture will be calculated and emailed to you sparely once the order is placedThe sculpture is above standard shipping dimension and requires a separate quotation for domestic / international deliveries. The sculpture requires a custom made pallet box for fragile cargo, resulting in additional packaging & manual handling time to our standard processing time. Once your order is placed one of our team members will revert with the shipping quote. 

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PS: With all hand-made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, which adds to the uniqueness of the pieces that we offer here at Mystik River. 

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