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Mystik River

Amazonite Rough Pendant

Amazonite Rough Pendant

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Composition - Amazonite Stone, Sterling Silver (92.5), Pendant comes without chain

Weight - 15 g

Size - 4.5 x 2.5 cm

Artist - Utam Kumar

Origin - Pune, India

Handmade, artist work, ethically sourced, one of a kind



Amazonite balances the masculine and feminine energies and many aspects of the personality.
It is a stone that helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view.

Truth - one can trust the dreams and visions coming through when meditating with Amazonite, as it is a stone of Truth. It magnifies intentions and asks that they be spoken aloud, as Amazonite works through the Throat chakra. 

◊ Communication - it is a truth-teller and peacemaker, assisting one in communicating one’s true feelings without over-emotionality. 

◊ Harmony - it brings harmony within the self and with people. It awakens compassion by stimulating the Heart chakra.

Whether you meditate with this stone or wear it as a pendant, it is a great healing tool that can help guide you towards your authentic self-expression.



Amazonite resonates with the Heart and Throat chakras. It can provide most benefit to those who are:

- Trying to align their life with their values. Amazonite can help you connect to and speak your truth out loud, and aiding in the manifestation of an outer world that reflects your true values. 

- Healing relationships with damaged communication. Amazonite can help you access compassion through your Heart and aid in harmonious, truthful communication, without becoming overly emotional.

- Doing some soul-searching. Amazonite can help you uncover hidden truths within yourself, help you become more conscious, and integrate all aspects of the self.

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