Bronze (Medium, 25cm)


 Ardhnareshwar god embodies both the feminine and masculine energies, bodies of Hindu Go Shiva and Godess Parvati. It depicts God's body as half male and half female.

 Ardhnareshwar sculpture reminds us that a human being is not a pure unisexual organism. Each human organism bears the potentiality of both male and female sex. It is the predominance of one over the other sex which determines the sexuality. A female gamete always bears one X chromosome and a male gamete may either possess one X chromosome or on Y chromosome. So masculinity and femininity are not mutually exclusive. Two halves of the body, therefore, remain in one organism. The Ardhnareshwar is the Epitome of both the Male & Female Energies also you may say the Yin Yang Energies which the Universe is made up of.

About Artist - Akash Singh

A young post-graduate Fine Artist, Akash specialises in sculpture using semi-precious stones and sandstone. He’s the latest artist to join the team at Gallery Mystica and as an innovative and contemporary artist, his work often conveys a hidden message. Of particular note are two recent works in sandstone, Tree of Life and Mother & Child imbued as they are with a profound spiritual meaning.

He specialises on crafting Traditional Indian Gods as well as more contemporary subjects

Medium - Metal

Origin - New Delhi, India

Dimensions - 25 cm (height) x 7.5 cm (length) x 7.5 (width)

Sculpture Weight - 1.2 (kg)

Packaging Weight - 2.0 (kg)

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