AUM Ganesha


An absolute masterpiece from V. Sompura. The sculpture is represent abstract depiction of AUM Ganesha, which has been entirely hand carved from finest white marble stone.

Creating this piece, the artist chose to depict symbol of OM together in a shape of an elephant. Both powerful and deeply symbolic images, yet the artist achieved to seamlessly blend these into a single form and shape - the result appears so natural that the elements cannot be imagined distinct one of another.

AUM (OM) - Aum here is represented by symbol on the left-hand side of the sculpture. With spread of Buddhism and yoga culture to Western world, OM has become among the most chanted sound around the world. It is said that the whole universe is made up of the sound of aum. 

Ganesha - Ganesha is the most worshipped deity in India. He is a symbol of prosperity. Elephants are also considered one of the deity and is a symbol of good luck. The intricate combination of AUM symbol and the elephant head on the right-hand side it makes this an absolute masterpiece. A perfect fusion of energy and form.

DESIGN TIPS AND IDEAS - AUM Ganesh perfect piece for outdoor areas like your garden, balcony or patio. but would also look great as a centre piece in a hallway or lounge room of your home. If you are a yoga lover , this piece can be the perfect for your studio or meditation space.

Artist - V.Sompura (Gujarat, India)

Mani was brought up surrounded by art. His father, Dhruva Pratap was a well-known sculptor and maintained and restored the sculptures of the famous Konark Temple in South India, passing on his skills to his son. Holder of two awards from the President of India, he is especially well known for his Buddha sculptures. He imbues his Buddha faces with such serenity and a sense of blissfulness that it’s no surprise they are used by so many to assist in deep meditation in some of the leading meditation centres around the world.

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