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Mystik River

Banded Agate Square Pendant (Sterling Silver)

Banded Agate Square Pendant (Sterling Silver)

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Composition - Banded Agate Stone, Sterling Silver (92.5%), Pendant comes without chain
Weight - 11g
Size - 3 x 3cm
Artist - Utam Kumar
Origin - Pune, India
Handmade, artist work, ethically sourced, one of a kind


Banded Black Agate is a fantastic grounding and protective stone that helps one alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety and grief. It transmutes negative energy and provides one with support to move through anything in life.

Grounding - Black Agate harmonises and neutralises energy in the local environment, absorbing and transforming negativity, as other black coloured stones do. It helps one move through times of change with balance and ease.

Protection - Agate’s calming energy may be especially useful in stressful environments. It protects the aura and keeps stress to a minimum. 

Support - Black Agate soothes feelings of grief and loss. It soothes anxiety and alleviates tension in the body and surrounding environment. Its calm, grounding nature makes it an excellent ally for those in a difficult situation.

Whether you meditate with this stone or wear it as a pendant, it is a great healing tool that can help guide you towards your authentic self-expression.


Black Banded Agate resonates with the root chakra. It can provide most benefit to those who are:

- Going through stressful and tumultuous times, and are in need of a balancing, calming force.

- Looking for support in clearing inner blockages and stuck negative energy.

- Wanting to alleviate stress or neutralise a stressful social environment.


Utam learnt his fine workmanship from his father Mr Niranjan. He moved from Bengal and has spent the last twenty years in Pune where along with his five silversmiths he creates beautiful wands and jewellery made from gemstones sourced from around the world.

For last twenty years Utam’s exquisite healing wands and jewellery have been seen in many of the leading ‘Mind & Body’ shops around Europe and the U.K. He is also known for its fine silverwork. It’s not mass produced and every piece gets lot of attention and goes through rigorous quality control. His healing wands are created in limited edition, with only a few released per year

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