Decorative Bowl

White Marble ( Medium, 23cm)


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Hand carved from black marble, this decorative bowl is absolutely timeless. Whether for decorative or functional purpose, its refined lines and modern look will add a sense of luxury to your living space. Executed in contemporary style, it will be a bold statement piece for your home or make a very exclusive gift.

About Artist - A. Sikander

Originally from Rajasthan in India, he specialises in modern art using black and white marble. He makes very exquisite designs with some significant messages. He stands apart from the rest of artists, as his way of expression is through abstract form rather than the traditional Indic style.


Artist - A. Sikander

Origin - Rajasthan, India

Medium - White Marble

Year - 2022

Dimensions - 9.5cm (height) x23cm (length) x 0.5cm (width)

Weight - 3.1 kgs

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