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Mystik River

Elephant Mother - Soft Stone (Small, 14cm)

Elephant Mother - Soft Stone (Small, 14cm)

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An refined elephant sculpture from soft stone by artist Akash Singh. The mother elephant is beautifully decorated with flower and jewellery patterns. A smaller baby elephant has been carved inside the mother elephant,  demonstrating that another life lies within her. Such elephants symbolise fertility and love. They are known to bring prosperity and good fortune into homes. 

The elephant mother is a very exclusive piece. How exactly the artist creates such elephants remains a mystery. The artist requires to work on two levels in order to create "an elephant within the elephant", accomplished only through high mastership level in skill, technique and precision. 


The elephant can be a perfect gift for someone special, or used as exclusive decorative piece for your home. The elephants are often placed as centre pieces to elevate the interior design of living rooms or hallway.

About Akash Singh

A young post-graduate Fine Artist, Akash specialises in sculpture using semi-precious stones and sandstone. He’s the latest artist to join the team at Gallery Mystica and as an innovative and contemporary artist, his work often conveys a hidden message. Of particular note are two recent works in sandstone, Tree of Life and Mother & Child imbued as they are with a profound spiritual meaning.

He specialises on crafting Traditional Indian Gods as well as more contemporary subjects

Note: With all hand made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, but that adds to the one of kind pieces that we sell here at Mystik River.


Artist: Akash Singh

Origin: New Delhi, India

Year: 2020

Medium: Soft Stone

Dimensions: 14cm(h) x 19.5cm(l) x 10cm(w)

Weight: 0.8kg 

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