Elephant Mother with Children

Soft Stone (Small, 11.5cm)


Artist Akash Singh creates an absolute masterpiece when it comes to carving with such attention to detail and small unique carvings, different to anything else like it. Amazingly, he carves another baby elephant inside the mother elephant which you can see through the small holes, demonstrating that another life lives within her. How the artist manages to do this is still a mystery, accomplished only through a high level of mastership and skill, technique and precision. Soft stone is also very brittle and fragile, making it even more so an extremely meticulous and delicate work of expertise. The elephant in Hindu culture is a sacred animal, holding high spiritual significance. Elephants are known for their strength, wisdom and gentle nature. As well as their strong family bonds. This work specifically highlights life, birth, fertility, love and family. With the mother elephant also having her children encircling her. Elephants are also known to bring prosperity and good fortune into homes. 

About Akash Singh

A young post-graduate Fine Artist, Akash specialises in sculpture using semi-precious stones and sandstone. He’s the latest artist to join the team at Gallery Mystica and as an innovative and contemporary artist, his work often conveys a hidden message. Of particular note are two recent works in sandstone, Tree of Life and Mother & Child imbued as they are with a profound spiritual meaning.He specialises in crafting Traditional Indian Gods as well as more contemporary subjects.

PS: With all hand made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, but that adds to the one of a kind pieces that we sell here at Mystik River. 



Artist: Akash Singh

Origin: New Delhi, India

Dimensions: 11.5cm(h) x 15.5cm(l) x 9.5cm(w)

Weight: 1.2kg (1226g) 

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