Hearts' Flame

Black Marble (Medium, 46cm)


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Latest piece by artist Ali Sikander.  Artist’s craftsmanship and skill, transforms black marble into a dynamic piece, that simply comes alive in front our eyes The eternal flames are reaching the sky forming infinity. The infinity symbol is known to represents different ideas around the world. It is known to often captures the cycle of life, as well as signify the concept of limitlessness or eternity. It can also translate into undying love, or an enduring bond as it is here. Executed in a contemporary, modern style, this piece captures the essence of our heart through abstract form.

About Artist - A. Sikander

Originally from Rajasthan in India, he specialises in modern art using black and white marble. He makes very exquisite designs with some significant messages. He stands apart from the rest of artists, as his way of expression is through abstract form rather than the traditional Indic style.


Artist - A. Sikander

Origin - Rajasthan, India

Medium - Black Marble

Year - 2021

Dimensions - 46x14x7 

Weight - 5.3 kgs

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