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Lapis Lazuli Buddha Pendant with Opal (Sterling Silver)

Lapis Lazuli Buddha Pendant with Opal (Sterling Silver)

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Composition - Lapis Lazuli Stone, Opal, Sterling Silver (92.5%), Pendant comes without chain
Weight - 21g 
Size - 5 x 3 x 2cm
Artist - Utam Kumar
Origin - Pune, India
Handmade, artist work, ethically sourced, one of a kind.


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth, inner vision and royalty. A great assistant for learning, meditation, personal development and inner alignment.

Awareness - it stimulates the Third Eye chakra and enhances intuition. It opens the channels for new information to come into the mind in the form of images and visions, and enhances intellectual ability.

Truth and Communication - it balances the Throat chakra and allows you to find words to describe your experience more effectively. A stone of truth, it promotes honesty and empowered speech.

Royal virtuesused to entomb and decorate the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, it was an unsurpassed stone of royalty and spirituality. It assists you in stepping up into your inner King or Queen, facilitating initiations into new stages of your development.

Whether you meditate with this stone or wear it as a pendant, it is a great healing tool that can help guide you towards your authentic self-expression.


Lapis Lazuli resonates with the Throat and Third Eye chakras. It can provide most benefit to those who are:

- Wanting to step into a new level of personal development. Lapis Lazuli can support you in “levelling up”, providing you with enhanced clarity of vision and deeper alignment with your personal truth, so that you can take action from a place of spiritual maturity.

- Wanting to enhance their intellectual and communication capabilities. Lapis Lazuli can sharpen your mind, open you to new ideas and modes of perception, and ensure you are capable of effectively communicating them to the world.

- Wanting to deepen their meditations and enhance their spiritual vision. Lapis Lazuli is known for facilitating deeper states of consciousness and bringing for spiritual insights.


Utam learnt his fine workmanship from his father Mr Niranjan. He moved from Bengal and has spent the last twenty years in Pune where along with his five silversmiths he creates beautiful wands and jewellery made from gemstones sourced from around the world.

For last twenty years Utam’s exquisite healing wands and jewellery have been seen in many of the leading ‘Mind & Body’ shops around Europe and the U.K. He is also known for its fine silverwork. It’s not mass produced and every piece gets lot of attention and goes through rigorous quality control. His healing wands are created in limited edition, with only a few released per year.

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