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Mystik River

Monk's Nirvana (Original by Svitlana Babayeva)

Monk's Nirvana (Original by Svitlana Babayeva)

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SPECIALITY: Mixed media, oriental inspired

Svitlana spent much of her time travelling and discovering hidden treasures of the world. Her discovery of Asia in particularly, played a pivotal role in her life. She admired not only Asia's vibrant culture - but also the people, nature, landscapes, and its timeless architecture. She covered all corners, from Bhutan and Myanmar, to Mongolia and Japan. It awoke something within her. She felt the urge to capture and share the beauty of this landscape with the world. That is how she began to paint. She tried various painting medium from traditional acrylic, pastel, watercolour to less common ones such as coffee or ink. As her passion for painting grew, she invested her time into perfecting her technique and studying alternative art forms such mosaic, collage, print making, photography and graphic design. Through her art, one can experience the diversity of Asian culture - in all its richness and glory.

Size - Height: 53.5cm    Length: 64.5cm

YEAR - 2017

MEDIUMPastels On Canvas

ORIGIN - Ukraine

All Svitlana's paintings are originals and have been signed by her. These paintings are also apart of Svitlana's last collection before she passed away.

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