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Mystik River

Sitting Buddha - Soft Stone (Medium, 51cm)

Sitting Buddha - Soft Stone (Medium, 51cm)

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Artist R. Mani has outdone himself as he created another masterpiece entirely from soft stone, an incredibly difficult medium to master for any sculptor. Soft stone is a stong but brittle stone, making it all the more challenging to use in art.

The artist was inspired by Mathura style, school of art heavily influenced by Hindu tradition. The Buddha is often roughly carved, with a muscular physique emphasising his masculine nature. Taking a closer look, we also notice the unique, detailed carving of Buddha’s aura, the dancing nymphs standing by his sides and the phoenix bird behind his back - characteristic of Mathura style.

This Buddha piece is filled with hidden meaning. Shakyamuni Buddha is portrayed sitting in lotus position, his left hand in meditation gesture Dhyna mudra holding a bowl. This particular gesture combination represents wisdom. This mudra gestures is repeatedly recreated throughout Buddhist art, as its significant of Buddha’s enlightenment. The bowls is also not a coincidence. In Buddhism it alludes to Buddha’s teaching on non-attachment and symbolises renunciation of worldly pleasures on path to Nirvana.

Note: With all hand made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, but that adds to the one of kind pieces that we sell here at Mystik River.


R. Mani born in 1965 , is originally from Mahabalipuramlocated in Tamil Nadu state, South India. Influenced by Gupta and Kushan art periods, the artist specialises on traditional Indian Gods and Godesses. His inspiration is often sourced from world famous historic temples like Khajuraho and Meenakshi. R. Mani uses traditional Indian materials such as Sandstone, Granite and Soft stone. Mani was brought up surrounded by art. His father, Dhruva Pratap was a well-known sculptor and maintained and restored the sculptures of the famous Konark Temple in South India, passing on his skills to his son. Holder of two awards from the President of India, he is especially well known for his Buddha sculptures. He imbues his Buddha faces with such serenity and a sense of blissfulness that it’s no surprise they are used by so many to assist in deep meditation in some of the leading meditation centres around the world.

***Important - Shipping notes

The shipping quote for this sculpture will be calculated and emailed to you sparely once the order is placed.The sculpture is above standard shipping dimension and requires a separate quotation for domestic / international deliveries. The sculpture requires a custom made pallet box for fragile cargo, resulting in additional packaging & manual handling time to our standard processing time. Once your order is placed one of our team members will revert with the shipping quote. 


Artist - R. Mani
Medium - Softstone
Origin - Chennai, India
Dimensions - 51cm (height) x 27cm (length) x20 cm (width)
Net Weight - 20.7 (kg)
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