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Mystik River

Solar Quartz Pendant

Solar Quartz Pendant

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Composition - Solar Quartz Stone, Sterling Silver (92.5), Pendant comes without chain

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Artist - Utam Kumar

Origin - Pune, India

Handmade, artist work, ethically sourced, one of a kind

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Composition -Solar Quartz, Sterling Silver (92.5), Pendant comes without chain

Solar Quartz is a natural agatized quartz cut from stalactites, often with mossy inclusions. Carrying many qualities of Clear Quartz, Solar Quartz is an energy enhancer, purifier and harmoniser

Uplifts energy - it stores and transmutes any negative energy, allowing the carrier to feel lighter and energetically refreshed. 

Emotional Strength - it connects you to your spirit and promotes harmony in all aspects of your life. 

Purification - it purifies the spirit, mind and physical body, enhancing wellbeing. 



Whether you meditate with this stone or wear it as a pendant, it is a great healing tool that can help guide you towards your authentic self-expression.

Solar Quartz resonates with all 7 chakras. It can provide most benefit to those who are:

- Feeling energetically stagnant. Solar Quartz clears and transmutes any excess negative energy and brings clarity as to what aspects of your life are calling out for some “spring cleaning”. Solar Quartz promotes renewal.

- Wanting to amplify their manifestation. Solar Quartz, just like Clear Quartz, amplifies intention and can be a useful tool for attracting what you desire into your life. 

- Wanting to clear emotional/energetic blockages. This stone can purify and transmute stuck energy and restore balanced energy flow.


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