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Mystik River

Super Seven Pendant

Super Seven Pendant

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Composition - Super Seven Stone, Sterling Silver 92.5, Pendant comes without chain

Weight - 14.0 grams

Size - 4cm x 2cm

Artist - Utam Kumar

Origin - Pune, India


A very rare crystal, sometimes referred to as “melody stone” or “sacred stone”. As it’s name suggests, super seven quart combines 7 different minerals in one:

Magic of Amethyst
Healing of Clear quartz
Love of “rose quartz”
Shield of “Smokey quartz”
Enlightening frequencies of “cacoxenite”
Grounding of “goethite”
Soothing of “lepidocrocite”
Light of “rutilantes quartz”

The hybrid quartz known as Super Seven offers a powerful effect on the emotional, physical and spiritual body.

Known for its super high frequency, this stone resonates with all the chakras assisting both the nervous and immune system. This results in support towards inflammation and stress by energising, cleansing and rebalancing the body’s energy fields.

Super Seven is also known to strengthen our souls communication with the divine, due to its ability to enhance connections with the spirit realm. A truly powerful stone if someone is seeking to awaken their psychic gifts, Super Seven can help attune us to our own creative and clairvoyant abilities.

Once we attune to the vibration of Super Seven, we discover enhanced decision making and a more empowered approach to our lives. Due to the immense power emanating from this crystal, it is impervious to negative energy and can amplify all other crystals surrounding it.


Utam learnt his fine workmanship from his father Mr Niranjan. He moved from Bengal and has spent the last twenty years in Pune where along with his five silversmiths he creates beautiful wands and jewellery made from gemstones sourced from around the world.

For last twenty years Utam’s exquisite healing wands and jewellery have been seen in many of the leading ‘Mind & Body’ shops around Europe and the U.K. He is also known for its fine silverwork. It’s not mass produced and every piece gets lot of attention and goes through rigorous quality control. His healing wands are created in limited edition, with only a few released per year

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