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Mystik River

Tree of Love (Original by Michael Mott)

Tree of Love (Original by Michael Mott)

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 Tree of Love is an original and one of a kind creations by artist Michael Mott. It  is a contemporary masterpiece celebrating the eternal love that is embedded in all of nature. It is the divine power that unites all of nature's creations and living beings in absolute harmony and bliss. Inspired by the universal image of Tree of Life, this piece features a number of ancient symbols such as the Evil Eye - ancient symbol of protection, or the Anahata (hexagram). The symbols combined together form the tree's unique pattern.

The artist spent as much as 5 years working on this unique creation, working on it's intricate details one by one. The work incorporates a a watercolour base, with it's unique patterns and symbols layered on top with Indian Ink pen.  


As a self-taught mixed media artist Michael follows his own unique and intuitive approach to painting. Culture, spirituality and nature are inspirations to Michael’s creative process and influence his art in immeasurable ways. Vibrant colour, unique materials and intricate detail are some characteristics of Michael’s paintings. His style is ever evolving and each piece vibrates with an energy that some described as ‘peaceful’ and ‘harmonious’.

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ARITST - Michael Mott

MEDIUM - Indian Ink Pen on Cotton Paper

ORIGIN - Melbourne, Australia

DIMENSIONS (CANVAS) - 80 cm (height) x 60cm (width)

NET WEIGHT - 0.5 (kg)


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