Standing Buddha

Black Soft Granite (Medium, 36.5cm)


A Standing Buddha made from Black Granite by artist V. Sompura. Sompura often works with Black Granite, impressive as it is a hard stone to carve from.  A standing buddha is indicative of being stationary, firm, and ready. It is almost as if Buddha is stopped, ready to teach us something. The reason for this halt can be determined by the particular mudra displayed. This piece depicts a Varada mudra, where one hand faces up and the other down, symbolising charity and compassion. It stands for accomplishment and devoting oneself to human salvation. This particular mudra also has the thumb and index fingers touching, this is called the Vitarka mudra, denoting the transmission of dharma, or the truth teaching of the Buddha. The circle it creates symbolises an uninterrupted flow of wisdom. So this piece could be interpreted to mean the Buddha has stopped, to teach us for charity and compassion, and the value of devoting oneself to others. 


About V.Sompura (Gujarat, India)

V. Sompura signature style lies in his ability to work with white marble. He is often inspired by images of Buddha but also works around more modern and abstract ideas for his sculptures.


PS: With all hand made stone and wood sculptures, there might be some natural erosion with cracks and spots, but that adds to the one of kind pieces that we sell here at Mystik River.


Artist: V. Sompura

Origin: Gujarat, India

Medium: Soft Granite

Dimensions: 36.5cm(h) x 14cm(l) x 8cm(w)


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