• Indra - Sandstone


      This sculpture represents R. Mani most notable subject of inspiration - Indra deity. Indra is a celebrated hero figure of...

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    • Lady Figure - Sandstone


      An exemplary work of traditional indian art perfected here by R. Mani. Inspired by women figures of world famous Khajuraho...

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    • Nartaki - Painted Wood


      This is a 3ft wall sculpture of Nartaki or in English - dancing lady. This particular statue is a copy...

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    • Thinking Lady - Sandstone


      R. Mani modern take on female sculpture. The woman is captured in moment of thought, or contemplation. Her body inclined...

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    • Namaskar Abstract - Sandstone


      With this sculpture R. Mani has created a simple reminder of a simple gesture using his famed sandstone sculpting technique...

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    • Tree of Life - White Sandstone


      Tree of Life is a symbol of the fresh start of life, positive energy, good health and a brighter future....

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    • Contemplating Buddha - Sandstone


      Category: Buddha Statue This 2.5 feet sandstone sculpture is a modern depiction of contemplating or thinking Buddha. Contemplation can be used in...

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    • Standing Buddha - Black Soft Granite


      One of V. Sompura’s finest work - standing Buddha in the sacred Vitarka Mudra. This Vitarka Mudra personifies the transmission...

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    • Yoga Posture - Kapotasana I


       A unique sculpture of Kapotasana yoga posture hand-carved by our award wining artist R. Mani R. Mani's Yoga sculpture Collection...

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    • AUM Ganesha


      An absolute masterpiece from V. Sompura. The sculpture is represent abstract depiction of AUM Ganesha, which has been entirely hand...

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    Garden Statues Ornaments 

    The natural beauty of a garden needs a focal point, and our garden traditional and handmade sculptures provide a spot of interest in the search for serenity. A contemplating or standing Buddha garden statue seems to come alive among the greenery and flowers as it ushers in calm, clear thoughts. We have a wide selection of outdoor statues for your garden or patio that will enhance the look and feel of your home.

    Handmade Buddha garden statues ornaments

    Our garden ornaments range from AUM and inspiring ladies to a Tree of Life handmade from white sandstone. The Tree of Life statue has intricate leaves and branches sprouting from a sturdy trunk. The Tree symbolises a fresh start, positive energy, good health and a brighter future. One of our tropical garden statues is designed cleverly to represent prosperity with three symbols: the AUM, Ganesha and an elephant. 

    Tropical garden statues and lawn ornaments

    The handmade art sculptures and tropical garden statues made by international artists ranging from 7 inches to 3 feet tall, making them perfect for any sized garden from a tiny pocket-sized apartment balcony, to a fully landscaped garden.  A dancing, thinking or female figure engaged in a yoga pose carved from sandstone presents the feminine mystique. Indra's compassion features in another sandstone sculpture, along with a Contemplating and Standing Buddha. A hand-carved and painted Nartaki (dancing lady) has been created from the likenesses displayed at the temple of Khajurao.