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The Buddha once said “Patience is key: a jug fills drop by drop”.

This sculpture presents Buddha in moment of contemplation, while laying against a water jug. In Buddhism, a water jug often symbolises process of purification and spiritual cleansing as one pursuits the path to enlightenment. Sculpture of contemplation Buddha reminds us to remain patient and mindful. To ponder a subject deeply before jumping into any conclusions.

Contemplation or reflection is a key practice given by Buddha to his followers. The practise enables us grow our awareness and mindfulness in daily life. In particularly, Buddha prompted to reflect and contemplate on five facts of human reality. It is said that a deep contemplation on these facts would help to awaken our minds and spirit from it’s state of sleep. It is of essential importance to achieving the state of Nirvana - enlightenment.

This sculpture would beautifully compliment your outdoor space. Be it your swimming pool, garden or simply your balcony -Contemplating Buddha  will bring  a sense of serenity and peace.

Artist -  R. Mani ( Chenai, India)

R. Mani mastered craftsmanship technique of sculpting using Sandstone material.  Inspired by the ancient Indian temples such as Khajurao and Menakshi - he is famous for depicting Hindu deities, Indian goddesses, dancing ladies and beautiful feminine figures in his work. Admiration and value of his skills were so strong across India, that he was honoured by President of India in 1986.


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