Collection: Sandstone Sculptures

“Without love, there is no art. When the artist is playing beautifully there is no “me”, there are love and beauty, and this is art. This is a skill in action” Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Our collection of Indian sandstone sculpture showcase selected work by artist R. Mani. Inspired by ancient Hindu temples, R. Mani recreates his divine version of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. This collection features the likes of Lord Ganesha and Indra, Goddesses Manasa, as well as classical dancers Nartaki and famous women figures of Khajuraho temple. Carved following the tradition of ancient Indian sculpting, R. Mani’s collection is exemplary of Indian art. 

You will also find spectacular Buddha pieces done in Mathura and Gandhara art styles.  R. Mani is known to imbue Buddha faces with such serenity and a sense of blissfulness, it’s no surprise these sculptures are used by many to assist in deep meditation in some of the leading meditation centres around the world. 

The sculptures range from small to large size pieces. Enduring the test of time, sandstone is particularly known for its durability, making this collection perfect for outdoor settings.

Each sculpture is authentic, one of a kind and entirely handmade by the artists.

About Indian Sandstone

Sandstone is a popular Indian stone used since centuries for the carving of exquisite statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Historically, sandstone is famously used for the construction of ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments. The Great Stupa built by King Ashoka around 3rd century BC is among the oldest sandstone structures of India. 

Sandstone stands as the most popular and durable sculpting mediums. Enduring the test of time and harsh Indian climate, sandstone sculptures are perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings.