Collection: Shashi Chandran

BORN: 1982

FROM: Hyderabad, India

MATERIAL USED: Bronze, Brass, and other alloys

Shashi, originally from Hyderabad and a graduate of Nehru Fine Arts college, is a skilled practitioner of the traditional lost wax method of Bronze. Beyond his classical approach, he is recognized for his contemporary bronze artistry. With a decade-long impact on Indian sculpture, Shashi has crafted numerous masterpieces for art collectors in South India. In 2017, his outstanding skill earned him the prestigious State Artist award.

Employing the Sanskrit "madhucchiṣṭa-vidhān," or lost wax process, Shashi intricately sculpts bronze masterpieces. Bronze's durability, enhanced by the inclusion of metals like Zinc and Tin, ensures the longevity of these detailed sculptures. Each unique creation undergoes an elaborate lost-wax process spanning weeks to months, preserving the rich tradition of Indian bronze sculptures, ancient treasures that stand as one-of-a-kind expressions of artistry.