Cyber Yoga

3D Silver Glossy (Medium, 40cm)


Our latest addition to Mystik River's collection. A 3D print of our most popular Yoga collection by artist R. Mani, in silver finish. A contemporary and modern version of the Padmasana II posture, something completetly new and exciting for us. The 3D printed sculpture is made out of an ABS resin, making it exteremely light while strong and resistant to breakage. It is created for to be used in modern interior designs, with urban yogis in mind that appreciate a touch of pop-art. It will brighten up any room from a loft apartment, to yoga studio.

Yoga mudra is one of the simplest form of Yoga. This is good for the alignment of the body - opens up the chest and shoulder area and calms the mind

*** The price of the 3D Print varies from the original statue by R. Mani, than the original due to the chrome plating that gives it that shiny silver look to it.  

Medium - ABS Resin

Origin - Melbourne, Australia

Dimensions - 40cm (height) x 24cm (length) x13cm (width)

Net Weight - 0.5 kg

Colour - Glossy Silver

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