Abstract Buddha

Ceramic (Golden Matte)


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A one of pieces from a limited collection by artist Minh Tuân Hà.

Minh's artwork reflects on modern day Buddhist culture. The Buddha is presented in his iconic sitting posture, hands in traditional Dhyana Mudra or gesture of meditation.  Elements of abstraction and cubism gives this sculpture a modern, contemporary edge. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST -   Minh Tuân Hà (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Mr. Tuân Hà has studied Buddhology and gained a Bachelor’s degree in sculpture in Hanoi University of Fine Arts. In his professional career he focuses on sculpture and installation using various mediums, such as bronze, wood and ceramic. The artist has contributed in design and installations for the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and the Vietnam Air Force Museum, and his award-winning artwork has been shown in several exhibitions in Hanoi since 2006. Tuân Hà's work largely centers around the themes of meditation, Buddhism and spiritual awakening.


Artist: Minh Tuân Hà
Origin: Hanoi, Vietnam
Year: 2022
Medium: Ceramic

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