Benediction (Original by Michael Mott)


Category: Paintings

Artist - M. Mott

Michael Mott - Adelaide, Australia.

Originally from Adelaide, Michael moved to Melbourne to study visual arts in college and pursue his creative calling. He experimented with different classical techniques and studied various forms of art. In in end he developed his own distinct style that stands him apart from others. After college, he opened his own concept store where he exhibited his artwork. 'Tree of Love', 'Benediction' and 'Awareness' are among some of his masterpieces. With time, his boutique turned out to be a big success. He invited other artist to join him and showcase their work. His store presented the most varied collection of art from handmade jewelry pieces, to Moroccan mirrors, Polynesian sculptures, abstract installation, photography. With time, Michael decided to move back to Adelaide to streamline his creative energy to painting and writing.


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