Carved Lady



An exemplary work of traditional indian art perfected here by R. Mani. Inspired by women figures of world famous Khajuraho Temple, R. Mani skilfully created his own masterpiece - a voluptuous lady figure. The beautiful female is standing almost nude, while applying her make-up. Her voluptuous, feminine forms are skilfully carved with details of traditional jewels hanging around her neck.

Female sculpture are symbolic to physical and divine beauty of women, feminine forms and female sensuality.

Unlike in Western cultures, in Hindu tradition female body is known to represent fertility, abundance and prosperity.

For this reason the female body was celebrated throughout Indian art and architecture


Artist -  R. Mani ( Chenai, India)

R. Mani mastered craftsmanship technique of sculpting using Sandstone material.  Inspired by the ancient Indian temples such as Khajurao and Menakshi - he is famous for depicting Hindu deities, Indian goddesses, dancing ladies and beautiful feminine figures in his work. Admiration and value of his skills were so strong across India, that he was honoured by President of India in 1986.


Size - 29cm x 9.5cm x 7cm

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