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Mystik River

Green Aventurine Rough Teardrop

Green Aventurine Rough Teardrop

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Composition - Green Aventurine Stone, Sterling Silver (92.5), Pendant comes without chain

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Artist - Utam Kumar

Origin - Pune, India

Handmade, artist work, ethically sourced, one of a kind

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Green Aventurine is a comforting, heart healing stone. Aventurine brings prosperity, decisiveness and perseverance. 

Neutralises - Green Aventurine has amazing abilities to neutralise negative energy as well as electro-magnetic pollutants in the atmosphere. Therefore it is ideal for keeping around electronics.

Calms - Stabilises inner emotions, soothing any anger or irritation. 

Balances - Green Aventurine balances masculine and feminine energies within, lowering any hormonal caused stress.



Aventurine is connected to the heart chakra, aiding in all matters of the heart. Its universal benefits can be enjoyed by everyone. However, this mystical gem can be particularly help when:

- Making decisions. Green Aventurine is known for enhancing leadership qualities and helping one become more decisive. 

- You feel like you can’t keep going! Aventurine is a fantastic stone for perseverance. To help you get over that final hurdle!

- Stimulating creativity. The stone can also help stimulate ideas and imagination. Try it next time you need that light-bulb moment.

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