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Mystik River

Green Tara and the Eight Auspicious Symbols (Painting - Acrylic on Cotton Cloth)

Green Tara and the Eight Auspicious Symbols (Painting - Acrylic on Cotton Cloth)

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Green Tara and the Eight Auspicious Symbols

Inscribed with the mantra of compassion - Om Mani Padme Hum - this mandala reveals Green Tara sitting in the very centre.

Tara is most famously known as a female buddha and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, of wisdom and compassion. She is seen in some traditions as a female bodhisattva who eventually became a fully-enlightened buddha, and in others - as a meditational deity.

Surrounding Tara are the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, including The Parasol, The Fish, The Vase of Great Treasure, The Lotus, The Conch Shell, the Endless Knot, The Victory Banner, and Dharma Wheel.

ABOUT THE ARTIST - Karma Tshering

From an early age, Tshering has been influenced by the local flora documenting the flowers, trees and mountains with paint and pencil.

Alongside his exposure to nature within his region, he was also immersed by the strong iconography of the Traditional Buddhist Arts.

His practice blends both worlds, balancing between the traditional Buddhist motifs in combination with abstract forms. Collectively, his body of work stimulates the mind, reflecting the emotional freedom, balance and unity within Buddhist teachings. Through strong visual compositions he emphasises a message of peace to the world through his paintings.



ArtistKarma Tshering
Year - 2012
Origin - Paro, Bhutan
MediumAcrylic on Cotton Cloth
Dimensions -

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